You can check and distinguish data by routes at https://cpedit.inprop.sk/ using the SAVE option.
You can find videos about general usage at https://www.youtube.com/@itransys2243
This setting means regular, uninterrupted night rest. Shifts with such night rest can be performed by single driver daily (for example, every working day).
This setting is the maximum allowed working time for shifts that the driver performs daily (for example, every working day). From experience, it is better to set this value to 12 hours and to use the objective function member 'Uniformity of the FPČ' instead when incorporating the legislation. This brings better efficiency as well as possibility of better solution.
The module adds the activity LUNCH, which must be 30 or 45 minutes depending on the working time and must be included in the shift within 6 hours of working time from the start. If possible, the algorithm combines 'Daily rest' with a safety break or a split night rest.
After pressing the USE button, the entered parameters are verified and if something wrong is filled in, it is framed in a red rectangle. In order for backsets to be applied, it is necessary to scroll through the entire list and remove or amend the errors.